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I enjoy gardening and love painting the flowers from my garden. Each is an individual with its own kind of charm. Below are some of my flower paintings. Those marked "available" have not been sold. The others are in private collections. Click on the image for a larger view.

Pink Iris

A 12 x 16 oil painting, close up of a pink iris from my garden. Private collection.

Yellow Daylily

Large, matted pastel of a bright yellow daylily, one of my favorites in the garden. This piece is matted, 22 x 28. Available.


Small matted pastel, about 11 x 14. Available

Purple and white iris.

Oil painting on stretched canvas. Private collection.


A glorious splash of color in the summer and early fall. Oil on canvas 14 x 14. Private collection.

Rose with pearls

Intimate portrait of a rose with a string of pearls. Pastel, matted, 13 x 15. No longer available. Now in a private collection.

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